"The Stolen Years"
by Kerstin Schneider

To Steve, first and foremost, who has done his best through all of it?
He keeps working hard to get stronger and contribute more!
This is for you Steve! Thanks for the lessons you have taught me and please do not stop now. Thanks for keep struggling and not giving up. Thanks for the love we have shared and still do. I pray our love will grow until our last breath.
Love Kerstin.

My story is a story of betrayal and trust and learning to trust again.
If anyone at all had explained to me "your husband needs a mood stabilizing medication" I would have found a way to get it. I tried everything I knew of: prayer, fasting, asking for advice and read many books. I talked to many professionals but got nowhere. Life is like a river and we need to flow with it. Many obstacles cause us pain but the water is there to surround us with love.

Life before treatment and life after it has become how I see it. Both are a great struggle but not to be compared. I only wish I had known about the great drug and help out there as I tried to survive with this illness around me.
I hope this story can help someone find the key to the door of freedom and walk out to a bright light and a manageable life. God bless you.
Love Kerstin.


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