"Pray For The Peace of Jerusalem"

In 1997 I released my first CD called "PRAY FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM" This collection of 15 complete psalms is put to my original music, which helps the listener come into the very presence of G-d and receive comfort and strength through His Word. It also helps the listener to digest the Word of G-d, which is so needed in the days we are living to counteract the schemes of the evil one.


Introduction (Psalm 122)
Filled With Joy (Psalm 126)
Israel my Beloved (Psalm 98)
Bow Down (Psalm 95)
The L-rd is G-d (Psalm 100)
G-d's Hiding Place (Psalm 91:23)
Longing For Home (Psalm 137)
The L-rd's Blessings (Psalm 149)
Standing in Yerushalayim (Psalm 122)
Pure Heart (Psalm 51)
Halleluyah (Psalm 150)
Safe in His Keeping (Psalm 121)
Let the King of Glory In (Psalm 124)
Royal Palace (Psalm 45)
Be Still (Psalm 46)