Steve's Music

Steve has released two commercial CDs during his career and has played and recorded internationally with a variety of exciting and supremely talented artists. In the spirit of Steve and Kerstin's ministry to bless and encourage the Body of Yeshua, all Steve's music is now free to play or download directly from this site.

You should be aware of only two things; the music player we are using only plays on Internet Explorer and the tracks you will access on the site are not at full CD quality. This is in order to make downloading easier. They will still, however, give you a full and rich musical sound.

Click on the pictures here or on the list of titles on the left to go to each CD.


In 1997 I released my first CD called "PRAY FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM" This CD is composed of 15 psalms with all verses put to anointed music.
In January of 2003 I released a new CD called "HOPE OF ISRAEL" The new CD is a piano instrumental CD played on the famous Steinway&Sons concert grand piano. It has 10 originals and also includes Hatikvah (Israel's National Anthem) and Hene Ma Tov.
Steve's third CD is an exciting compilation, combining the work of Steve and another highly anointed and professional musician, electric violinist Shaul Ben Har.
Steve has produced a fourth CD, this time with a Russian Messianic clarinetist, Yuri Terioshkin. The music was recorded in Moscow in May 2006.