Meet Kerstin Schneider

Kerstin is a very devoted believer and a praying warrior for the Lord.

I was born in Sweden and travelled to Israel in 1981. I live in Tel Aviv with my husband Steve and two "children" 20 and 19 years old. I received salvation at the age of 12 and soon after that the baptism of the holy Spirit.

Steve and I met and married in 1983 and I have written down our specialtestimony in a book called: "The stolen years?"( if you want to read it, I will send it free of charge, only cover postage) As I live and serve in Israel I am growing in the Lord. It's never easy but always rewarding as we all know. I have held on to the Lord and His love all my life and Hehas taken me through some very long burning fires....He has surrounded me with His mercy and continues to do that.

I have been blessed with a gift to open the Scriptures and explain it to the people....It's my very most favorite thing to do whenever an opportunity arises. I pray it will be more.... The very first time I prayed and a healing occured was around 1975. I met weekly with a group of believers and one man had some serious drinking problem. He loved our meetings but the rest of the time he was usually drunk.One time he put on some hot water on the stove in an attempt to cook something.... As he was taking the boiling water off the stove it slipped out of his shaky hand and fell on his foot and his toe was covered with it. It was very bad and he was scared to go to the hospital but he had no choice.He called me a bit embarrassed and asked if I could please pray.His toe had lost skin he said and it was very serious.I prayed and felt very bad for the drunken friend.A few minutes later he called and said his pain was gone and the foot and toe fully back to normal. We both could not believe it!!!

Since then many wonderful miracles have happened and God has answered many prayers of healings and deliverences. His ways are not our ways and we don't know why it takes so long for some prayers to be heard and some never seems to be, but we are paving the way for the Spirit to work any time we call on Him. What we will not see here and now we might see with our spiritual eyes or in our heavenly home. We are only passing by here and we have our real tresures in heaven where they are protected!!

Isaiah 60:2 See darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and His glory appears over you.