"Hope of Israel"
(the piano collection)

This CD was recorded in Anders Wihk's piano studio in Stockholm, Sweden in January 2003 on a Steinway concert grand piano D274. "Hope of Israel" is a very relaxing CD for just going about your daily business or having a devotional time with the L-rd.



When can I go and meet with G-d? (Ps 42)
Yeshua Adonai Tzevaot
The L-rd is my light (Ps 27:1)
For the L-rd will comfort Zion (Is 51:3, 35:10)
Shofar ha Maschiach
Clap your hands
Hatikva (Israel's National Anthem)
Hine ma Tov (Ps 133:1) (Trad. Israeli folk song)
Israel in their own Land ((Amos 9:13-15)
Filled with joy (Ps 126)
Meditation (Trad.)
Worthy is the Lamb
Yeshua lover of my soul