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It is with great sadness that I have to report that my dear husband Steve passed away to be with His Lord on 27th January 2016.

Steve was hit by a car about a year ago and suffered a steady decline in his health since then. In November 2015 he was admitted to hospital after a fall. He contracted a very bad lung inflammation there and did not fully recover from it. Slowly, his heart gave out.

Steve begged not to be taken back to the hospital and died peacefully at home in the morning of January 27th. His funeral took place the same day in a loving atmosphere. Many people came and there were a lot of beautiful flowers.

The inscription on his grave stone reads, "Let all that has breath praise the Lord." (Psalm 150:6).


May his memory be forever a blessing!

Kerstin Schneider

Steve and Kerstin Schneider -one new man in Messiah- a team looking forward to that glorious day of His return!!

Steve was born into a Jewish home in LA CA 1951.
Kerstin was born into a Christian home in Sweden 1961.
Both of us were born again 1973.

We met at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem 1983, where we were both working and married later that year. It was a start to a very long long long suffering period of many years overflowing with fear, pain, illness and lack.

Steve suffers from Manic Depression (Bi-polar) illness and was plagued with a religious spirit that prevented and prolonged treatment for many years. He was hospitalized for five times in three different countries, the US, Sweden and Israel. I suffered from CFS for over a decade with consequent infections in throat, ears, nose etc. Into this glamorous mess two innocent children were born, in 1984 and 1985. Steve has a son born 1980 from an earlier uncommitted marriage , he was mostly raised by his maternal grandparents in Haifa.Today all three children reside in the Tel Aviv area and they are good friends with each other.

The horror we survived for so many years can't be expressed here in words. We divorced between 1990-92 but nothing had changed as we remarried. Our turning point came in 1999 when Steve accepted his limitations and took treatment serious. Until this day he is on that same medication and moving , however slow forward. The Lord is lovingly and surely healing our wounds and mending our broken hearts.

We always longed to be in full service to the Lord but it seemed impossible to even imagine!! We had deeply hidden dreams of carrying the gospel to the Nations. Yes, the main ministry is to love one another and we had and have huge problems with that!! However in the end of year 2000 we actually left for a ministry trip in the US packed with Steve's CD, his recording of the Psalms.We had some previous arranged meetings in churches and congregations. A new phase had taken place in our difficult lives. We traveled to other countries but at the end of 2003, a new approach took place.

We asked the Lord for divine guidance in prayer about the next journey. It led us to Korea where many big miracles happened that are blessing us until this day. A desire for more of the "unknown" and longing to spend more time separately and together in the prayer closet arose.

We have since been to many countries like Australia, Kenya, Russia, India, China, Thailand and Central America to mention a few and also many cities where we have met many special people and other living stones!! In Kenya we have a soup kitchen for the slum children in Nairobi. We cooked a meal for about fifty that now the local churches have taken over and they feed over 2000 every day. In Singapore we had the joy of leading worship at Sukkot and see gold dust on the seats as people were leaving.

Many times we worked and served very hard and hoped for a compensation from wealthy institutions but mostly were disappointed, but more times we received cash from many individuals and are often stunned at what the Lord is doing. We long to hear His small voice and remain in Him. We now turn more often to the prayer closet and as we then step out, He leads us onward somehow, always to the one and sometimes to the many.

To Him be the glory for ever and ever, Amen.